Sports Chiropractor in Stone Mountain, GA


Natural First Chiropractic approaches health and healing as a whole body experience – Mind, body, and spirit. When these three aspects, of who we are, become balanced, health and healing are freed. 

Our Services include:

Physical Chiropractic Adjustments

Physical adjustments help put bones and muscles back in alignment which helps you recover faster from daily life and exercise, the pain level decreases and your mobility improves.

Physiological Therapies

Our physiological therapies are customized to fit your healthcare needs and to address your goals including strength training, weight loss, joint care, and more. Each is a step toward health as we restore function and move to meet your goals while helping you overcome sports injuries and restoring your nervous system, muscular system, and the connection you have with your body.


Health and well-being education is a core piece of improving whole-body regeneration, and a smart move to undo bad habits and improve how we address the growth of our physical body, mental health, and spiritual balance. Education is empowering you to understand and succeed.

Nutritional Support

Nutritional support is a critical way that we learn how to physically support our body. Good food helps to balance the body’s needs while providing exactly the type of nutrition demanded by each of your body’s systems.

Wellness Planning

We approach health and well-being as a journey. That journey begins with wellness planning where we identify goals and the steps needed to meet those goals. Whether you need sports chiropractic care, nutritional guidance, or to address health concerns such as poor balance, chronic pain, or weight loss.

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At Natural First Chiropractic Clinic, we treat all of you. When you need a Stone Mountain chiropractor give us a call. Our focus on the whole of you helps to remove obstacles that may be caused by past struggles to regain health and wellness. We provide an atmosphere where you can succeed and find healing and wellness for your body, mind, and spirit.