“I was recommended to go to visit Dr. Little immediately after visiting my massage therapist Ms. Linda (she is the Best!). I was suffering from vertigo at that time and nothing was helping me and pills didn’t help! So when I left her I called Dr. Little and was able to be seen. I went on a few visits (about 3). This was 20 yrs ago and I have not had an episode since (to God be the praise). I have been a patient ever since. Dr. Little has been the kindest, most respectable, caring, and very patient doctor that I’ve ever visited. I was even told by a doctor when I had severe back pain that I had sciatica and that I would be in pain for the rest of my life. That was devastating news! I was prescribed meds but I’m not a great fan of taking a lot of medications if I can avoid it. I was upset about that diagnosis and decided to go see Dr. Little and told him what the doctor said he smiled and said ok then began to work on my pain issue. I went on a few visits and I have not had that issue since and I’m not medicated, again praise be to our Creator. I know many people are hesitant to seek chiropractic care and I was skeptical myself. I feel some chiropractors may be better than others and I’ve tried a few, but since I have a choice I will trust my chiropractic concerns in Dr. Perry Little’s hands no doubt about it!] Peace and blessings for continued success Dr. Little…”
-Kameelah O., Google

“I can only say that Dr. Little changed my view about chiropractors. He does not just perform a chiropractic service but he does a touch of physical therapy. I always left feeling better than I did when I arrived. He has an electronic assessment system that allows you to pinpoint your exact area of pain. But the icing on the cake is the receptionist. She is friendly and responsive. He also has my mom as a patient and I would refer anyone to him for help.”
-Racket I., Google

“I appreciate the level of service I received when I visited. Natural First Chiropractor is a good practice and ideal clinic to begin to heal.”
-Michael S., Google

“Dr. Little’s practice is a Godsend. He and his staff are very professional, and they all make you feel like family. When you go for your first visit, expect greatness, because you will get it. I’ve only met THREE humble doctors in my entire life… Dr. Little is one of them. He truly cares about holistic healing and the overall health of the patient he works on.”
-S.S., Google

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